Deposit, Cancellation, and Refund Policy

Availability/booking dates are not secured until a deposit is received. A 50% deposit is required to proceed with booking and securing a date. Deposits are non-refundable once paid.

While no money will be refunded for change of mind or event changes, a credit for another date will be offered if the change occurs prior to twenty-one (21) days of the original event date. It is recommended that the balance is paid only once details are finalized. Balances are due three weeks (21 days) before delivery/pick-up after which no money will be refunded or credited if the order is cancelled.


Each order is handmade to order in small batches using quality ingredients. We provide a unique service that allows you to customize your order and ensure freshness and quality. Pricing is based on the time dedicated to communication regarding the creation and finalization of your order, as well as the cost of production.

Transportation and Storage

Products are best transported on a flat surface in a cool, air-conditioned car. Care advice will be given on collection. All care will be taken, but we are not liable for damage caused by uncontrollable weather conditions.

All orders need to be stored in the refrigerator and brought back to room temperature before consuming.

Accidents and Emergencies

In the extremely unlikely event that an accident occurs, we will do everything within our power and time-frame to rectify the situation. If the damage is our fault, you will be refunded proportionally, but we are not liable for any additional compensation.

Once the order has been delivered or picked up, we are not liable for any damage. We will, however, do anything we can within reason and timeframe to fix the situation for you.

Photo Usage

We resume the right to use any photo that we have taken of our creation.


Cake pedestals, cupcake stands, and platters are available for a nominal rental fee. All rentals require a security deposit. This security deposit will be held in trust and returned when the rental is returned to LenJo Bakes by the timeframe specified on the invoice.

Failure to return a rental or returning a rental in a condition worse than received (dirty, broken, missing parts, etc.) will result in a forfeiture of this deposit either in whole or in part.

If not returned, this deposit will be used toward the replacement of the rented items, but may not cover all costs. Therefore, an additional invoice will be sent to cover remaining costs.

Delivery and set-up

Delivery and set-up* will incur a charge assessed based on distance as noted in the chart below (unless quoted otherwise in writing). Deliveries must be booked by the final payment. It may not always be possible to honour late requests.

*Set-up is recommended for cakes larger than 2 tiers or cakes that require finish touches to be completed at the venue. The customer assumes all liability if this recommended action is not taken.

Material Cost Increases

Any pricing that is given to the customer more than six (6) months before the event date may be subject to increases based on inflation costs up to two months before the event. The Company will make every effort to minimize these costs; however, in some instances they are unavoidable due to increasing input costs when pricing is provided far in advance of the event date.


By making payment, it will be determined that the terms are understood and accepted as applying to your order.