We don’t really have a typical “menu” here at LenJo Bakes!

We like to be spontaneous with what we have on offer as an expression of what’s inspiring us and what’s in season.

We do have a guide to help you know what to expect when you visit on any given day. Check out this nifty slideshow to learn more:

If you want to find the flavours of our focaccia or breakfast pies for the week, you can head to our online shop to see our current offerings!

For flavours of cookies, squares, verrines, macarons and more – follow us on social media! We update our Facebook page weekly and tend to post more frequently to our Instagram stories.

If you’re not a huge fan of social media, give us a call! We’d love to talk you through what we have and to set some things aside for you. We can be reached at 519-778-4898. If we don’t answer, you could leave a message…but it might be a few days before we check it.

Specifically for COVID-19:
You can order some of our more popular/likely to sell-out items (looking at you, focaccia) in advance through our online shop! You can also call ahead at 519-778-4898 to have us put your items aside for you!

Instructions for our bake-at-home cinnamon rolls can be found here.