I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: LenJo Bakes has the *best* customers!

A while ago we had a customer who wanted to do something lovely for…well, whoever needed it! They were in a good place, but recognized that a lot of people weren’t.

They prepaid for a bunch of sweet treats and bevvies and gave us the pleasure of handing out the sweet surprises to someone whose day needed a bit of a lift. (Which was really just as lovely for us – giving gifts is the best!)

One of the customers who received a gifted treat, came back the week after (in a better place) and felt compelled to continue paying the generosity forward.

Another customer did the same.

And then another.

And then another…

It’s been months and we’re at the point where we’ve created a dedicated email and customer profile to organize all of the Pay It Forward gift cards we’ve received. This is to ensure that we’re doing our part in stewarding the gifts well and keeping track of each donation.

So how does one access some of the Pay It Forward funds?

Most often our staff will just do it based on our interaction! Maybe you seem a little down or it seems like you could use some kindness. Perhaps you’re getting ready to pay and realize you don’t have your wallet! (The worst!)

Sometimes we pick up on it, but sometimes we don’t. You might need to let us know. And trust us, there is no shame in that game! This isn’t charity or a handout – it’s a blessing; one that can be enjoyed guilt-free.

Additionally, if you know someone who is struggling and they can’t make it out to the shop themselves, please come in on their behalf! We are more than happy to have kindness delivered far and wide.

How can you contribute?

You can purchase an electronic gift card on our website. Put “payitforward” @lenjobakes.com as the recipient email address and “Pay It Forward” as the recipient name.

You can also add an electronic gift card to your purchase in-store and specify it’s for the Pay It Forward account.

We didn’t start this generous venture, but we are more than happy to facilitate it and ensure the reach is as wide as possible.

We love you, KW!! Thank you for being an incredible place with incredible people for LenJo Bakes to call home.