(Did you get the Lorde reference?)

In case you didn’t know – we so appreciate you!

Yes, you! Our wonderful community who have supported us continually over the last couple of years.

We have always wanted to show our gratitude and appreciation and now we have a way: through our loyalty community.

By signing up for our loyalty program (either at this link, online, or in-store) you can earn 1 gem for each $5 spent on nearly everything* in store. You can then redeem your gems for baked goods or beverages which you can either enjoy yourself or gift to someone else!

You register using your phone number (it can be a landline because it’s solely for tracking purposes). If you do register using your mobile, you can opt out of notifications by navigating to your profile through the link and de-selecting the notification button.

Then what?

Well…it’s basically the same as before except now when you spend money with us, you get something back!

We hope this small gesture conveys the BIG LOVE we have for you!

See you in store soon 💎

*Items that are not made in store (i.e. merch, Four All ice cream) are not eligible for gems.
Bespoke orders (i.e. wedding or birthday cakes) are also not eligible for gems.