This has been the most frequently occurring dilemma in my life: how do I choose one thing when I really want all of the things?

Thankfully if you’re planning an event and you can’t choose just one feature dessert (i.e. a cake) then you’ve found yourself in the right place!

Below you’ll find a plethora of choices to help create the perfect dessert smörgåsbord for your wedding, event, or gathering.

First, let’s organize our thoughts.

Even though we like a lot of little things, there is still an overall “limit” that we should consider.

Typically we advise to budget for 80% of your guests to have or want dessert. From there, we suggest each person might have 1.5-2 pieces of dessert. This will give you the overall pieces you should have.

Further to that, we would suggest a maximum of 3-4 varieties of treats with 1-2 flavour options.

That’s… a lot. Break it down?

Okay! Let’s do an example:

You’re having a wedding of 100 people. We would suggest to plan for 80% of people to want to have dessert: that’s 80 people. Some people will only take 1 item, some people (looking at you, Uncle Tim) will take 4. So we account for each person to have 2 pieces of dessert. So we take our 80 people, multiply by 2 and that gives us 160 pieces of dessert. (Hello algebra, old friend!).

Now if we have 4 varieties of items and with 2 flavour options each, you have a total of 8 (eight!) options for your guests to choose from.

Fab! So…what are the options?

Here’s the best part: anything that we make in our shop, you can have for your wedding or event!

That means cookies, brownies, squares, tarts, French macarons, LenJo Louis, pop tarts or hand pies – the list goes on! We have specific “dessert buffet sizing” that help guests feel like they can have more than one item, but we can also make anything the same size that it is in the shop.

You can completely customize flavours + colours (mostly in regards to French macarons) as long as you meet the minimum order requirement.

Now on to the fun part – the choices!

Brownies (gluten-friendly)
from $1.65

  • either regular or mini sizes
  • salted caramel
  • turtle
  • dark chocolate
  • rocky road
  • s’more
  • raspberry
  • cheesecake
  • honeycomb
  • hazelnut butter
  • triple chocolate
  • toffee
  • pumpkin cheesecake*
Minimum order of 24 minis or 12 regular

from $1.65

  • either regular or mini sizes
  • lemon
  • coconut raspberry streusel
  • lemon crumble
  • strawberry crumble
  • chocolate coconut
    (Hello Dolly)
  • salted caramel pretzel blondie
  • turtle blondie
  • millionaire shortbread
  • Nanaimo
Minimum order of 24 minis or 12 regular

from $1.50

  • chocolate chip
  • malted double chocolate chip
  • ginger molasses
  • chocolate crackle
  • coconut macadamia
  • maple pecan
  • raspberry chocolate (white or dark)
  • cookies + cream
  • dark cocoa nib
  • shortbread (lavender, lemon, Earl Grey, pumpkin spice*)
  • mocha
  • oatmeal chocolate chip
  • oatmeal raisin
  • snickerdoodle
Minimum order of 24

from $3.14

  • fresh fruit + custard
  • frangipane + fruit
  • streusel
  • lemon
    (with or without meringue)
  • pumpkin*
  • coconut cream
  • banana cream
Minimum order of 12

Mini Cheesecakes
from $3.63

  • classic cheesecake with a variety of toppings
    • any fruit
    • any sauce (ganache, caramel, cajeta)
    • any garnish (i.e. candied pecans with caramel)
  • flavoured cheesecake with a variety of toppings
    • chocolate
    • espresso
    • caramel
    • lemon
    • fruit swirl
    • pumpkin*
Minimum order of 12

LenJo Louis
from $2.05

  • either regular or mini sizes
  • filling in the Louis is typically buttercream, so any flavour can be accommodated
  • occasionally has a fruit filling with buttercream (i.e. Black Forest)
Minimum order of 24 minis or 12 regular

French Macarons
from $2.61

  • typically a buttercream or ganache filling
  • buttercream or ganache fillings can also be used to “dam” a curd or agar gel
  • popular choices:
    • salted caramel
    • funfetti
    • vanilla bean
    • strawberry champagne
    • raspberry lemon
    • passion fruit
Minimum order of 24 for custom colours + flavours

from $3.30

  • can be mini or standard sizes
  • any of the cake flavours we offer can be made into a cupcake
    • best place to see flavours would be here
Minimum of 12 per base flavour

Cinnamon Rolls
from $2.05

  • can be mini or standard sizes
  • glazed with:
    • traditional cream cheese
    • maple-infused cream cheese
    • Danish (flat) icing
Minimum order of 12

* These are seasonal offerings.

As you can tell, there are so. many. choices. We’ve not even covered all of them!

Consider a relatively broad spectrum of flavours to appeal to as many of your guests as possible. But ultimately – this is your party! The fact that your guests get to choose their own adventure will make them happy – trust us.

You can find some flavour inspiration (especially for buttercream, ganache, or curd) on our cake details page.

Other than that, have fun creating your perfect and bespoke dessert table!

We look forward to chatting with you about your upcoming wedding or event!

If you’re hoping to make a corporate order, all of these options are available to you too. Contact us!