Here at LenJo Bakes, we absolutely value the safety and health of our customers and community.

LenJo Bakes is a very small operation and I can assure you that we have excellent cleaning and hygiene processes in place. Always have. Always will.

In response to the safety measures related to the pandemic, we are operating with the following changes:

  • We have 3 marked boxes outside of our storefront for customers to line up at an appropriate distance. If there are more than 3 groups in line, we ask that customers continue the line around the side of the building.
  • Customers will restricted to in-store shopping in groups of 2. There will be a maximum of 2 groups permitted for in-store shopping at a time.
  • Customers will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entry. The sanitizer is located on the window bar as soon as you turn left.
  • You can minimize your time spent in the shop by ordering ahead and skipping the line by using our Fastpass pickup table located straight ahead when you enter the shop. You can also skip the line by standing in the box marked “F” right outside of our front door. We ask that customers also restrict group size to 2 people when picking up orders at the Fastpass table and ask that you attempt to stick to the time chosen for pick-up to facilitate flow.
  • We are accepting all forms of payment (including cash) except cryptocurrencies.
  • We are encouraging the use of your own reusable cups, containers, and bags to limit the amount of waste we create. (We’ll even chuck on a wee discount for you!)
  • Our menu will be posted in our first window along the side of our building if you haven’t had a chance to take a peek ahead of time.
  • Our staff have their temperatures checked at the beginning of each shift and will be sent home immediately at the first sign of a COVID-related symptom and will only be permitted to return once having obtained a negative test.

I am still optimistic (yes! even 6 months later) that as long as we all follow the guidelines set out by Public Health Ontario, we will be able to keep ourselves, our families, and our friends healthy.

We understand these operational changes are not ideal for everyone. If you have any concerns/ideas we would love to hear them!

Thank you for your increased patience and understanding during this time. But most importantly – thank you for your support.

This is new territory for everyone and as a new business owner it’s easy to get overwhelmed. However, instead of surrendering to fear of the unknown I am choosing to chuck a smile on my face, wash my hands incessantly, sanitize everything in sight, bake delicious things, and continue to check my temperature every 6 hours.

Feel free to check out the short video we recorded on Instagram as well as our highlights videos to see examples of in-store and Fastpass shopping experiences!