When a little height makes a *big* difference!

If you’re displaying your cake as a centrepiece at your special event, then it needs to take on the look of a centrepiece.

Your cake needs to be easily spotted across the room, draw attention to itself, and announce, “Here I am! Come look at me!” if that’s the vibe you want!

The easiest way to achieve this is by placing your beautiful cake on a stand.

You’re providing height, adding drama (depends on how ostentatious your stand is), and allowing your cake to take centre stage with authority!

We have a few options of cake and cupcake stands available to rent here at LenJo Bakes and we hope to grow our collection as time goes along.

If you’re having a dessert table, we may have platters available for you to rent as well!

If you choose to rent from us, there is a rental fee (varies depending on item) with 7 days to return to LenJo Bakes, Kitchener as well as a $65 refundable security deposit, which will be returned when the stand is returned in the same condition it was received.

  • LenJo Bakes Cake Stand raised edge
  • LenJo Bakes dessert buffet platter
  • LenJo Bakes dessert buffet wood round stand
  • LenJo Bakes dessert buffet wood rectangular stand
  • LenJo Bakes wood cake stand

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