You hear the question all the time – does size really matter?

In relation to choosing a cake which will be the centrepiece of your special event the answer is: sometimes.

Size *does* matter when: there is a budget, there are other desserts/sweet treats at the event, your guests aren’t really cake people.

Size does not matter when: you want something to “look big” in photos, you want a 2-tier cake that feeds 8 people, or your venue/event does not allow for sufficient storage of a larger cake.

We always recommend catering for about 80% of your guests to have cake. Unless you know that your guests are really into cake (or really not) cake fans, that percentage tends to provide the ideal number of servings.

Using your guest count and our cake cutting and stacking guides below, you can figure out the size and style of cake you’d like!

  • A diagram to illustrate how to cut cakes.

There are a few general “rules” to abide by for the stacking guide to ensure that you have a cake that is aesthetically pleasing.

For single tier cakes, an 8″ is the largest we’d prefer to make. If you need more servings, head on up to a double tier!

For a standard double, triple, or quad tier cake: the difference between tiers is 2″. Example: a 4″ and 6″ stack.

For a wide double or triple tier cake: the difference between tiers is 4″. Example: a 4″ and 8″ stack.

For a tall triple tier cake: one of the tiers is extra tall – meaning there are 2 cakes separated by a cake board in one of the tiers (typically the middle tier). This will yield approximately 1.5 times the servings of our standard cake.

Take note on the style you like the best and head on over to our availability page to confirm your date is available and schedule a consultation with us to book your bespoke cake!