Bespoke: made for a particular customer.

Here at LenJo Bakes we take pride in making each and every cake completely bespoke (read: custom) just. for. you. In the same way your celebration is intrinsically unique, your cake should be also!

We also take great pride in making your cake from scratch after you’ve ordered it. No mixes, no shortcuts, no preservatives, no stock kept in the freezer “just in case”. Only the freshest, highest quality, real ingredients which are locally sourced where possible.

Our goal is to ensure the process of ordering a bespoke cake/sweet treats is a simple one!

  1. Check out the questions below to learn more about what we have to offer and ensure we’re the right fit for your event.
  2. Verify that we have availability for your chosen date.
  3. Fill out the consultation questionnaire (on our availability page) once you’ve decided on the details of your bespoke order and schedule a phone or video call.
  4. Wait for your consultation date, answer the phone when it rings at the scheduled time (or join the video call link), and have a chat with us! Please note that the phone call may come from an unlisted number.
  5. Receive your estimate or invoice, submit payment, and check another item off your to do list.

How do I know if LenJo Bakes is the right choice to make my bespoke cake/sweet treats?

Great question! We’ve written an entire blog post with 5 things to consider when choosing a cake designer.

One of the most important things to determine is if you and your potential cake designer has the same basic aesthetic. Cake designers are like any other artist and have preferred styles and mediums they like to use.

If you’re wondering what our particular aesthetic is like, we appreciate a clean, simple, understated, and elegant design. (Unless we’re doing a monster cake for a kiddo!)

We are 100% #teambuttercream (Swiss meringue buttercream to be specific) and that goes back to using the highest quality ingredients we can. Our base Swiss meringue buttercream has 4 ingredients – butter, pasteurized egg whites, sugar, pure vanilla extract – and we are in complete control of each of those ingredients.

We use Swiss meringue buttercream and pasteurized whites to ensure that our buttercream is safe for all to consume – especially our immunocompromised friends!

To all of the cake carvers, food colour and fondant mavericks out there – we salute you! It’s just not us.

What size cakes do you make?

Well…that depends on what size cake you need!

We typically offer round cakes (from 4″ to 12″). You can determine the appropriately-sized cake for your event by checking out our helpful size and stacking guides.

What flavours do you offer?

Many. So many. Like, nearly infinite permutations and combinations.

(Maybe not infinite but definitely more than I’m willing to count!)

Check out our “cake menu” for ideas for cake flavours, filling flavours, and some combinations that we’ve done in the past!

How much do your cakes cost?

This is a hard question to answer because there are so many variables!

Pricing is based on the number of servings, cake and filling flavours, and the final décor.

We suggest a starting budget of $7 per serving which is appropriate for a vanilla cake filled with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and a semi-naked finish.

We don’t have a different rate for wedding vs. birthday or celebration cakes because our eggs, flour, sugar, and time all cost the same whether we’re making a wedding cake or not.

Cupcakes start at $3.60. Pricing guidelines for all other sweet treats (i.e. cookies, squares, and macarons) can be found here on our dessert table page.

What about dietary restrictions?

We can accommodate gluten-friendly, dairy-free, nut-free, and soy-free dietary needs.

We currently do not offer egg-free, sugar-free, or vegan treats. (The egg-free and vegan may be changing in the near future, though! For sugar-free treats, we can recommend other local businesses.)

Nearly all of our cakes and baked goods are vegetarian by nature, but all contain Madagascar bourbon vanilla which contains a small amount of alcohol.

LenJo Bakes is a peanut-free facility.

As always, while we try our very best to prevent cross-contamination, we do process all items in the same kitchen. We cannot guarantee that cross-contamination will not happen.

How much notice is required for an order?

At the very least we require 10 days’ notice from the date of your phone consultation (required for all orders).

While we’ll do our best to accommodate your request, there will be times we cannot.

Requesting a consultation does not guarantee that we will be able to fulfill your order. Additionally, if your date is popular we might be booked by the time your consultation comes around – schedule early to avoid disappointment!

Check out our availability calendar to confirm our availability and schedule your phone consultation.

For weddings we recommend booking once most of your details are confirmed: theme/colours, venue, guest list, florist, etc. We will book weddings in advance, but if availability allows we will make a wedding cake with our standard notice period.

How long does a phone consultation last?

Bespoke order consults are scheduled for a 10 minute call while wedding consults are scheduled for a 20 minute call.

We’ve worked really hard to create a seamless ordering system that is low-spend in terms of time yet highly effective.

Since you’ll have already done some prep work by completing the questionnaire in order to book a consultation and we’ll have done our prep work by reviewing your completed questionnaire, we’ll be ready to rock right into confirming/finalizing details.

Do you offer wedding cake tastings?

We do! With a bit of a twist.

Every quarter we offer a cake tasting box with set flavours. These flavours are typically seasonal and may be a little outside the “norm” of cake offerings.

One of our latest boxes featured:

  • matcha cake filled with strawberry buttercream and strawberry compote
  • pineapple upside down cake with cinnamon buttercream
  • S’more (chocolate cake filled with toasted marshmallow buttercream and graham crumb)
  • Cherry chip (maraschino cherry cake filled with vanilla buttercream)

Each box is $40 and should be pre-ordered as they sell out quickly! Keep an eye out on Instagram and Facebook to know when the next box is being released! Alternately, you can sign up to get advanced access to purchase our next box.

To see some examples of cakes we’ve made in the past take a look through our Instagram or gallery. They can serve as a source of inspiration – see if anything makes your heart soar!

Once you’re ready to schedule a consultation to discuss your bespoke wedding, birthday, or “just because” cake/sweet treats, head to our availability calendar and proceed from there!

Feel free to read our terms and conditions before scheduling a call. A copy of the Ts and Cs will also be sent to you via email along with your quote/invoice.

Please visit the linked page for more details about our process for placing corporate or larger orders of our standard retail offerings. If you’re looking for bespoke treats, head to our order page for more information depending on your event!